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Dine +

Nadine. 33. German. Fangirl through and through. Music addict. TV buff. LJ obsessed. Cat person. Teddy bear collector. Grobanite. Coffee addict. One happy shipmate. So called creative.

Loves +

Cats. My friends. Music. Icons. Dance of the Vampires. Orchids. My family. Teddy bears. Scarves. Scented Candles. Josh Groban. My LJ friends. Wicked. Handball. Inception. Winnie the Pooh. New York City. TV. Starbucks. Movies. Books. Kix Brooks on ACC Top 40. Rent. Coffee. My ships.

TV +

12 Monkeys. The Flash. The Walking Dead. Turn: Washington's Spies. Stitchers. Agents of SHIELD. Agent Carter. Boardwalk Empire. Orphan Black. Cedar Cove. The Blacklist. The Musketeers. The Catch. Starcrossed. From Dusk till Dawn. Dominion. Gang Related. Ed. Daredevil. Forever. Black Sails. Blindspot. Arrow. Gotham. Legends of Tomorrow. Game of Thrones. Chesapeake Shores. Chicago Med. NCIS: New Orleans. Lucifer. Royal Pains. How I met your Mother. Fringe. Sanctuary. Supernatural. 3rd Rock from the Sun. Supergirl. CSI:NY. Melissa & Joey. Doctor Who. Haven. Warehouse 13. Gossip Girl. Stargate Universe. Stargate Atlantis. Stargate SG-1. Graceland. Minority Report. New Girl. Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Nikita. Major Crimes. Constantine. Zoo. Bosch. Perception. Political Animals. Suits. Common Law. Baby Daddy. Web Therapy. Designated Survivor. 18 to Life. Broadchurch. NCIS. Chuck. Angel. Saving Hope. Jane by Design. Hunted. Hart of Dixie. Dark Matter. Killjoys. The Unusuals. Little House on the Prairie. NCIS: Los Angeles. Ally McBeal. The X-Files. Battlestar Galactica. Prison Break. The Beast. Pushing Daisies. Alias. Crossing Lines. About a Girl.

Music +

Country. Rascal Flatts. Lady Antebellum. Sugarland. Carrie Underwood. Dixie Chicks. Scotty McCreery.
Josh Groban. Celine Dion. Savage Garden. Nickelback. Alexander Klaws. Daughtry. Michael Buble. Train. David Cook. Matt Giraud. Cary Brothers. 30 Seconds to Mars. Blue. Laith Al-Deen. The Fray. Sarah Brightman. Lifehouse. David Garrett. Johannes Oerding. Tim Bendzko. Staubkind. Santiano.

Movies +

You've got mail. The Lord of the Rings. Never been kissed. Notting Hill. The Bourne Legacy. Master and Commander. The Avengers. Inglourious Basterds. Moulin Rouge. Galaxy Quest. The Prestige. The Martian. The Hurt Locker. The Hunger Games. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Lost in Translation. INCEPTION. Jurassic Park. Jurassic World. 13 Going on 30. The Lookout. Titanic. The Dark Knight. Mystic River. Back to the Future. Angels and Demons. Dirty Dancing.

Books +

The Lord of the Rings. CSI: NY Deluge. Solo's Journey. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Felidae. Felidae on the Road. The Hunger Games (trilogy). Divergent. The Martian. The Wardstone Chronicles. The Nanny Diaries. DemonWars. Thirteen Reasons Why. The Night of Wishes. The Reader.

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my graphics>> my fanfic

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(the 3 above are NOT shareable! - they were made for me by my dear la_loony
Thx and big *huggles*)

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